Snap.Do Malware Removal

I have the unfortunate (or fortunate?) responsibility of being the in-house “geek squad” for my family members any time something happens to their computers. My sister is notorious for getting the strangest malware and adware on her laptop, and this weekend she present me with her latest acquisition… the Snap.Do malware. I hadn’t heard of it or seen it prior to this weekend, but it had me st [Continue Reading]

Idea for next development project

Hey followers, Work is a bit slow at the moment with the holidays and such, and after finally finishing Graduate school, I have a lot more time on my hands to give to development projects. I’m looking for ideas for my next development project to work on. Feel free to post your ideas for any software or websites you’d like to see developed. Let me know what your ideas are! [Continue Reading]

ioncube not loading? This might be the fix!

Recently, a client reported that one of their websites was not loading all of a sudden due to an “ioncube” error that suddenly appeared. After checking out the error, it was apparent that the loaders were not loading and the page directed me to update my php.ini file with the location of the loader file. Simple enough right? Wrong. After checking about 30 times to make sure all my file paths were right [Continue Reading]

Latest Project now available! Listburn – a site like Craigslist with additional features for local classified ads

Hey followers, My latest project is now online! After about a month of lonely nights and code-mangling in between other projects, I’ve managed to get the site’s core built and functioning. Listburn is a site similar to Craigslist, but there were some things that I didn’t particularly care for about Craigslist that really turned me off of the site and I haven’t used it in quite a while. I hav [Continue Reading]

VB.NET WebBrowser dialog popup automatic handling

A recent site visitor had a fairly simple requirement which involved crawling a specific web page and clicking a button. Pretty basic stuff. And then it happened… clicking that button produced a javascript “confirm()” dialog with OK and Cancel buttons. “Well this won’t be easy” I thought to myself. Just to ensure there wouldn’t be any other surprises, I continued along thro [Continue Reading]

Phoenix Fetch v2.0!

Well if you’re a student attending the University of Phoenix Online, you may have noticed a number of changes, both to the eCampus and their student tools. They’ve completely redesigned the eCampus site, which of course meant the Phoenix Fetch tool needed to be updated. They also have a new “App” that is similar to Phoenix Fetch, but unfortunately it’s only available for Apple devices [Continue Reading]

Phoenix Fetch

Well I just started my Master’s degree program with the University of Phoenix! While I do love the online structure and tools available, I quickly noticed that I found myself logging in repeatedly throughout the day to see if there were new posts. Many times there are no new posts, so it gets frustrating after doing this repeatedly day after day. I searched high and low within the site to see if there was som [Continue Reading]

Detecting completely loaded page using VB.Net WebBrowser including all frames

Something I depend on quite frequently is determining when a web page in a WebBrowser control has completely loaded, including all frames. If you’ve ever worked with this control and relied on the DocumentCompleted event, you may have come across the inconsistency with it when dealing with pages that contain HTML frames. The little snippet below does a very good job with detecting completely loaded pages usin [Continue Reading]

Loop through HTML elements to set or retrieve values

So, in this week’s installment, we’ll look at some basic HTML parsing methods and also how to fill out forms and submit them via code. I still see a lot people asking how to get the text from a specific hyperlink or setting the value of an input box on a web page. In this post, I’ll try to cover the method I use most when working with HTML parsing. I’ll show you how to get the link text from [Continue Reading]

Found a LiveJournal redirect exploit

If you’re a user of LiveJournal, or receive any correspondence from someone associated with the site, you may be vulnerable to inadvertently clicking a link that appears to reside on the domain. The exploit involves a specific URL format that will redirect the victim to a site/file of the malicious user’s choosing. While the exploit itself is simple in nature, its effects could poten [Continue Reading]

Scraper – Custom .Net Class for HTML/WebBrowser Document scraping and automation

Scraper – Custom .Net Class for HTML/WebBrowser Document scraping and automation Hey All, Noticed a lot of threads on forums lately asking how to “find hyperlinks” or “click a form button on a web page”. I’ve been working on a Class to make this easier for not only myself, but hopefully others as well. While it’s still very humble in it’s functionality at the moment, [Continue Reading]

PathManipulate – A custom .Net Class for displaying long file paths in different formats

Here is a Class that can be used to display long filepaths in different formats depending on your needs. You can specify a desired length, the location of ellipses, and whether the filename is always displayed. It can also be used to return only the filename (with extension) when passed a full path. Updates will be made to it as they’re available. Hope someone finds it useful. Any efficiencies that can be ma [Continue Reading]

VB.Net Error: A generic error occurred in GDI+

If you’ve ever encountered the “A generic error occurred in GDI+” error, it may have resulted in the pulling of hair, throwing of blunt objects or the creation of new swear words! I recently faced this problem in a small app I did, and after hours of scouring Google, I couldn’t find a definitive answer… System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException: A generic error occurred in G [Continue Reading]

Tutorial: Reading and Writing to text file in VB.Net

Long overdue for another VB tutorial! So for all 4 of my faithful viewers, here is one of the most asked questions on coding forums, “How do I read from a text file in VB.Net?”. Let’s go over the simple task of reading and writing to a text file. You know the drill… Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage, put on some music (tonight is Sinatra’s greatest hits) and fire up Visual Studi [Continue Reading]