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Idea for next development project

Hey followers, Work is a bit slow at the moment with the holidays and such, and after finally finishing Graduate school, I have a lot more time on my hands to give to development projects. I’m looking for ideas for my next development project to work on. Feel free to post your ideas for any software or websites you’d like to see developed. Let me know what your ideas are! [Continue Reading]

Phoenix Fetch

Well I just started my Master’s degree program with the University of Phoenix! While I do love the online structure and tools available, I quickly noticed that I found myself logging in repeatedly throughout the day to see if there were new posts. Many times there are no new posts, so it gets frustrating after doing this repeatedly day after day. I searched high and low within the site to see if there was som [Continue Reading]

QuickScrape php html parser

Been experimenting with php and web-scraping, mainly utilizing the DOM object model with the simple_html_dom class. So far I have it scraping hyperlinks and email addresses. I’m working on extending it to allow for a specified “depth” of recursiveness (recursivity?.. somethin’ like that) Scarpe some stuff and let me know what you think! [Continue Reading]

IRIS Update: Mitsubishi Software Engineers Demo

I’m at work and get a call stating “the Mitsubishi team will be here in 10 minutes, they want to see IRIS.” Before I even had time to make sure it was running properly (you never know right?), the buzzer rings at the front gate.. so much for 10 minutes… In they walk, a few I have met before, a couple I had not (including the lead software engineer!): Mr. Hisanori Ogawa – Manager, Secur [Continue Reading]

Award Nomination

Wow! I was honored to receive 2 nominations by my current employer for 2009. It was IRIS that led to the Innovation Award nomination. Established: 2004 The Innovation Award was developed in 2004 to honor Partners who strive to create a bright future for H-E-B by driving innovative ideas into action, and continuously contributing to H-E-B’s present and future growth. One winner will be selected from each area of [Continue Reading]

IRIS Background

Ok, so in the race to compete with the highly-paid “solutions provider” my company has hired… actually let me precede that sentence with some history… Company I work for has hired a software developer to develop a set of applications that are aimed to integrate with our DVR vendor’s hardware. These applications include a Status monitoring tool for determining the DVR’s online and [Continue Reading]


First Post! I’ll be updating this with details from my IRIS project that I’m working on. In short, IRIS is a network device monitor I’m creating in VB.NET. The goal is to be able to monitor network device’s online or offline status utilizing a simple ‘ping’. This tool will be useful for IS or other System Administrators that occasionally find the need to see if a server is down. [Continue Reading]