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Detecting completely loaded page using VB.Net WebBrowser including all frames

Something I depend on quite frequently is determining when a web page in a WebBrowser control has completely loaded, including all frames. If you’ve ever worked with this control and relied on the DocumentCompleted event, you may have come across the inconsistency with it when dealing with pages that contain HTML frames. The little snippet below does a very good job with detecting completely loaded pages usin [Continue Reading]

Loop through HTML elements to set or retrieve values

So, in this week’s installment, we’ll look at some basic HTML parsing methods and also how to fill out forms and submit them via code. I still see a lot people asking how to get the text from a specific hyperlink or setting the value of an input box on a web page. In this post, I’ll try to cover the method I use most when working with HTML parsing. I’ll show you how to get the link text from [Continue Reading]

Tutorial: Reading and Writing to text file in VB.Net

Long overdue for another VB tutorial! So for all 4 of my faithful viewers, here is one of the most asked questions on coding forums, “How do I read from a text file in VB.Net?”. Let’s go over the simple task of reading and writing to a text file. You know the drill… Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage, put on some music (tonight is Sinatra’s greatest hits) and fire up Visual Studi [Continue Reading]

Download: Keystroke Logging and Screenshot Gathering (Lookout)

Against my better judgment, I decided to post this project on basic keylogging and screenshot techniques. There are a few legitimate cases where these techniques are needed and it is hard to find information or people willing to help as the immediate malicious red flag goes up. If you are looking for a ready-made keylogger, […]

Tutorial: Email sending with VB.Net

So you want to send email from your application? No problem! A lot of times an email is sent in the “background” with pre-configured settings. These could be hard-coded, or stored in the Application/User Settings file. If you want to have fields in your WinForm that ask the user for the information, the concept will be the same, but with the additional step of validation, which is always a good [Continue Reading]

Tutorial: Autofill HP Service Manager (HPSM)

So I’ve been asked by a couple of people how I managed to autofill a new HP Service Manager Service Ticket. This is what my company uses for service ticket handling and what not. The IRIS program is able to auto-submit tickets when a device fails a certain amount of times. Here’s the code! Public Class serviceTicketForm Dim numFramesLoaded As Integer = 0 Dim storeName As String = " [Continue Reading]

Tutorial: Ping Network Device

Introduction: I often see many people asking how to do a ‘ping’ in VB.NET. It is actually quite simple and I utilize it in my IRIS project. This tutorial will teach you how to ping a network device and view the pings’ results. What you will need: Any version of Visual Studio (Express is fine), a few free minutes and your energy drink of choice. First, what does it mean to “ping?” A pi [Continue Reading]