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At work the other day, I was in need of an application that could display the time and date very large for a “Kiosk” type display at the front of a large room. I perused the net for a web page that had the current time and date on it, thinking I could just increase the font size of the web page, but this proved to be a waste of time.

I then googled “big free clock” and first link up took me to:

Now we’re getting somewhere! I got it all installed and worked great! As soon as I was ready to call it a day, the bossman says, “Can you put the day of the week on there?”…. I now had two choices, hit the web again, or code one myself. I figured choosing the latter would give me more flexibility and to be honest, would be quicker than trying to find something freeware that fit our needs.

So, building on the work of the author of “Big Free Clock”, I bring you “Big Digital Clock”.

Some features I have implemented are:
2 color schemes for now (Black on White, White on Black)
Automatic screen width fit
Docking to top of screen
Automatic Font sizing
12Hr and 24Hr display format
Displays Day of Week, Month, Day and Year
Transparent Background
Toggle Border On/Off
Drag without Border

I figured I would make it freely available as the other author did, in the hopes that someone else might find it useful.

I don’t foresee any future “updates”, but if there’s any requests, I may be able to implement them fairly easily. Thanks for looking! Feedback always welcome.

Big Digital Clock

Download Big Digital ClockDownload Big Digital Clock 1.0 Download Big Digital ClockDownload Big Digital Clock Setup Files

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  1. Hi, reached here googling for an admin template, wow its intersting to see this clock but only wish we could change the colours. I am not a programmer but because of shortage of time look for easy applications if I can find and use. I wonder if you can help me after being to this site, I need to put a database useable as backoffice or admin for the properties that I list and want to incorporate a picture zoomer for the thumbnails that I put on the site. Many Thanks.

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