Download: Lookout Keylogger (Updated)

Had some interest in the Lookout keylogger application recently, so thought it would be a good time to provide an updated release. This one does a more thorough exception handling job, as well as provides an option to enable or disable error messages (to stay in stealth mode). Adds itself to the Startup folder so that it runs on startup (hidden).

If the free keylogger application helped at all and you feel like contributing to my caffeine addiction, feel free to drop me a few cents.

Download LookoutDownload the Project Files Download LookoutDownload Setup Files

2 thoughts on “Download: Lookout Keylogger (Updated)

  1. How can I contact you to ask addition questions pertaining to this software you created? it is in more detail than I think I should post here.

    1. I am also willing to make donations and plan to refer others as well. That is, once I figure this out. I’m new to this site and WordPress.

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