IRIS Background

Ok, so in the race to compete with the highly-paid “solutions provider” my company has hired… actually let me precede that sentence with some history… Company I work for has hired a software developer to develop a set of applications that are aimed to integrate with our DVR vendor’s hardware. These applications include a Status monitoring tool for determining the DVR’s online and offline status, a configuration/playback application for reviewing footage and another small app that interfaces with our alarm monitoring software to provide video footage on alarms.

I probably can’t go into too much detail with the who’s and what’s for privacy reasons. I love my employer and don’t aim to jeopardize my position or theirs.. so.. with that said, I have always had a “if you want something done right, do it yourself” attitude and it has reared its ugly head once again. With weeks, sometimes months between “releases” of these apps from the software provider, it became a bottleneck not only for my productivity, but my patience 🙂

It started with the Status monitoring tool. From the onset, I had thought to myself, “I know I could make that a little more user-friendly,” or “It could be tailored so much more”.. mind you, these are highly customized applications strictly for our company (a large retailer) so my expectations were high. Also, with a background in computer programming and a love for technology in general, I was always tasked with “beta testing” for the company or “providing feedback” for upgrades or “things to do.”

Well I finally decided, I was going to try to make my own set of tools that I could use with these 3(really 4) goals in mind:

  • They had to make me more productive and efficient
  • They had to outperform and “one up” the purchased applications (otherwise, what’s the point right? 🙂 )
  • They had to be “universalized” so that they were not so tailored in architecture
  • I also wanted to try to integrate all the apps into one full-blown app for convenience sake. I’m a fan of consolidation.

So I went to work.

IRIS was born. Integrated Remote Infrastructure Suite.

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