Latest Project now available! Listburn – a site like Craigslist with additional features for local classified ads

Hey followers,
My latest project is now online! After about a month of lonely nights and code-mangling in between other projects, I’ve managed to get the site’s core built and functioning. Listburn is a site similar to Craigslist, but there were some things that I didn’t particularly care for about Craigslist that really turned me off of the site and I haven’t used it in quite a while. I have added some features that I think are pretty neat and make looking for local items a lot easier.

Here’s some of the notable features:
SafeSites – Visitor-submitted “Safe” spots for meeting other Listers to purchase or sell items. With Craigslist, it was always a bit scary meeting someone at a location you’ve never been to or heard of, so SafeSites allows Listers to agree to meet at a spot that others have met and given the “Listburn Seal of Approval”!

Twitter Subscriptions – Listburn allows you to perform a keyword search for items and subscribe via Twitter anytime someone lists an item with those keywords in the title and is in your area. If I search for “cell phone”, I can receive a tweet anytime someone lists an item with “cell phone” in the title that is located in San Antonio, Texas! This saves you from having to search the site daily to see if any new items are posted yet.

Multiple-city search – This was one of my biggest gripes with Craigslist. While it is a “local” ads site, it was sometimes necessary to search in a city nearby that was a bit larger, or had a better demographic for the item I was looking for. Listburn performs a nation-wide search by default, and allows the visitor to one-click filter to a particular city. This saves you from repeatedly having to edit the URL to navigate to a different city and perform the search multiple times.

Hotlist! – The Hotlist! is still being worked on, but it allows the Lister to have his or her item/listing gain front-page, nation-wide exposure for as long as it takes someone to “bump” it from one of the top 5 slots. The cost to bump someone is an ever-increasing amount that is decided by the last person to upgrade to the Hotlist!.

Attributes – Each listed item currently has 4 attributes associated with it: SafeSite meeting only, Shipping Available, Discretion Required, and Has Image.

  • SafeSite meeting only tells the buyer that the Lister is only willing to meet at a registered SafeSite.
  • Shipping Available lets the buyer know that the Lister is willing to ship the item.
  • Discretion Required is a flag that tells the visitor that the particular item is an adult item. When attempting to view an item that has been marked with the Discretion Required flag, it will first alert the visitor and requires the visitor’s consent to proceed to the item. I thought this feature was needed as a safety precaution for younger visitors or people not interested in seeing John Doe’s collection of blow-up dolls that he is selling.
  • Has Image tells the user that the item has been listed with an image of the item attached.

It’s hard for these types of sites to really take off as you need items to be listed for people to search for, so I welcome you and your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else you know to give it a try! Try listing your first item on Listburn and let me know what you love or hate about it!

Listburn – Free Classifieds Done Right

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ps: You’ll never see an advertisement on Listburn!

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