Download: TTFix – ttfpatch GUI Supplement

Tonight I finished putting together a GUI front-end for a font tool my buddy is using. This free tool, ttfpatch (, originally coded by Wolfram Eßer is a command-line tool for editing True Type Font attributes. My buddy also wanted the ability to make changes to an entire directory of fonts (he had something like 1,200 fonts! yikes!) that he needed to edit. So I set to work [Continue Reading]

QuickScrape php html parser

Been experimenting with php and web-scraping, mainly utilizing the DOM object model with the simple_html_dom class. So far I have it scraping hyperlinks and email addresses. I’m working on extending it to allow for a specified “depth” of recursiveness (recursivity?.. somethin’ like that) Scarpe some stuff and let me know what you think! [Continue Reading]

Download: Big Digital Clock

At work the other day, I was in need of an application that could display the time and date very large for a “Kiosk” type display at the front of a large room. I perused the net for a web page that had the current time and date on it, thinking I could just increase the font size of the web page, but this proved to be a waste of time. I then googled “big free clock” and first link up took me [Continue Reading]

Download: Keystroke Logging and Screenshot Gathering (Lookout)

Against my better judgment, I decided to post this project on basic keylogging and screenshot techniques. There are a few legitimate cases where these techniques are needed and it is hard to find information or people willing to help as the immediate malicious red flag goes up. If you are looking for a ready-made keylogger, […]

Tutorial: 2 Column CSS With Equal Height DIVs

Here’s a quick post, not so much a tutorial, on something I find myself needing quite frequently these days. You need a 2 column css layout, but you need both columns’ heights to stay the same height regardless of which column has the longer content in it. The fix: DynamicDrive’s pre-made layout: See a [Continue Reading]

Detecting eSATA drive in Windows 7

Just got back from the store with your shiny new external hard drive, or you just tackled the UPS guy to rip open your brand new backup solution… you plug it in to your awesome Windows 7 box and!…. nada… If you’re like me, it probably doesn’t detect your drive and you start cursing at your cat, flailing wildly and vowing to never buy another *insert manufacturer here*’s product [Continue Reading]

Debate: To Ping or Not To Ping?

…that is the question! An interesting thread over on brought up the topic of using a ping to condition whether or not to continue performing a network task. One argument is that you want to see if there is a viable connection to the remote device before you try to do anything to/with it. The other argument is, why introduce the bandwidth overhead of a ping command when you can just attempt the ta [Continue Reading]

IRIS Update: Mitsubishi Software Engineers Demo

I’m at work and get a call stating “the Mitsubishi team will be here in 10 minutes, they want to see IRIS.” Before I even had time to make sure it was running properly (you never know right?), the buzzer rings at the front gate.. so much for 10 minutes… In they walk, a few I have met before, a couple I had not (including the lead software engineer!): Mr. Hisanori Ogawa – Manager, Secur [Continue Reading]

Got Error 500?

Do you often get an Error 500 when viewing a WordPress post on your site? The answer may lie in your .htaccess file. By simply adding the following line to the root directory’s .htaccess file, you can overcome this frustrating problem: [codesyntax lang=”php”] AddType x-mapp-php5 .php [/codesyntax] My host is 1and1 and it has worked for me. Read more about it here. [Continue Reading]

Award Nomination

Wow! I was honored to receive 2 nominations by my current employer for 2009. It was IRIS that led to the Innovation Award nomination. Established: 2004 The Innovation Award was developed in 2004 to honor Partners who strive to create a bright future for H-E-B by driving innovative ideas into action, and continuously contributing to H-E-B’s present and future growth. One winner will be selected from each area of [Continue Reading]