Phoenix Fetch v2.0!

Well if you’re a student attending the University of Phoenix Online, you may have noticed a number of changes, both to the eCampus and their student tools. They’ve completely redesigned the eCampus site, which of course meant the Phoenix Fetch tool needed to be updated. They also have a new “App” that is similar to Phoenix Fetch, but unfortunately it’s only available for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.)… Sucks for us Android users huh?

Well I’m happy to report I’ve finished updating Phoenix Fetch to work properly with the new eCampus.

Comments welcome.

The Goods:


Download Phoenix Fetch

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Fetch v2.0!

  1. Hello! This is a welcome tool, however I am unable to install it. After extracting the ZIP file into a dedicated directory, I launch the setup executable. I’m receiving the following message;

    Unable to install: Unable to locate application file ‘Setup.msi’

    Operating System details;
    Win7 Ultimate 64Bit

    Any ideas?

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