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IRIS Update: Mitsubishi Software Engineers Demo

I’m at work and get a call stating “the Mitsubishi team will be here in 10 minutes, they want to see IRIS.” Before I even had time to make sure it was running properly (you never know right?), the buzzer rings at the front gate.. so much for 10 minutes… In they walk, a few I have met before, a couple I had not (including the lead software engineer!): Mr. Hisanori Ogawa – Manager, Secur [Continue Reading]

Award Nomination

Wow! I was honored to receive 2 nominations by my current employer for 2009. It was IRIS that led to the Innovation Award nomination. Established: 2004 The Innovation Award was developed in 2004 to honor Partners who strive to create a bright future for H-E-B by driving innovative ideas into action, and continuously contributing to H-E-B’s present and future growth. One winner will be selected from each area of [Continue Reading]

IRIS Background

Ok, so in the race to compete with the highly-paid “solutions provider” my company has hired… actually let me precede that sentence with some history… Company I work for has hired a software developer to develop a set of applications that are aimed to integrate with our DVR vendor’s hardware. These applications include a Status monitoring tool for determining the DVR’s online and [Continue Reading]


First Post! I’ll be updating this with details from my IRIS project that I’m working on. In short, IRIS is a network device monitor I’m creating in VB.NET. The goal is to be able to monitor network device’s online or offline status utilizing a simple ‘ping’. This tool will be useful for IS or other System Administrators that occasionally find the need to see if a server is down. [Continue Reading]