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Debate: To Ping or Not To Ping?

…that is the question! An interesting thread over on vbforums.com brought up the topic of using a ping to condition whether or not to continue performing a network task. One argument is that you want to see if there is a viable connection to the remote device before you try to do anything to/with it. The other argument is, why introduce the bandwidth overhead of a ping command when you can just attempt the ta [Continue Reading]

Tutorial: Ping Network Device

Introduction: I often see many people asking how to do a ‘ping’ in VB.NET. It is actually quite simple and I utilize it in my IRIS project. This tutorial will teach you how to ping a network device and view the pings’ results. What you will need: Any version of Visual Studio (Express is fine), a few free minutes and your energy drink of choice. First, what does it mean to “ping?” A pi [Continue Reading]


First Post! I’ll be updating this with details from my IRIS project that I’m working on. In short, IRIS is a network device monitor I’m creating in VB.NET. The goal is to be able to monitor network device’s online or offline status utilizing a simple ‘ping’. This tool will be useful for IS or other System Administrators that occasionally find the need to see if a server is down. [Continue Reading]